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    Xiamen Boming Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.
    Address: NO.406 Building 345 Canghong Road Haicang District Xiamen Fujian China


    Website: http://www.meashawrites.com http://bo-ming.en.alibaba.com

    Location:Home > About us > Culture

    In good faith for the first

    We believe that integrity is a kind of mutual maintenance, we will be the credibility of the company as a trademark, will be trustworthy as the basic point of enterprise survival.

    Glory in creating value

    Think that employees create value for glory.

    Think customers create value for glory.

    Think that society creates value for glory.

    Think the company to create value for glory.

    Think that human beings create value for glory.

    Enterprise spirit:

    Excellent corporate culture infected people, inspire people, gather people, along the way, platinum Ming is always in the continuous accumulation and improve their own spirit

    Constantly beyond self:

    We know that things change and development is the eternal, not any bound for some enterprises into the abyss.

    In the way of thinking and behavior of platinum, it is always the same with innovation and transcendence.

    Team work:

    We see the team as a life and against any actions that are detrimental to the team.

    We require that every employee, from the overall interests of the platinum and the consideration of the problem and doing things, emphasize the collective consciousness,

    As opposed to the individual consciousness and local interests as the center, and put an end to the internal opposition.