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    Xiamen Boming Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd.
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    The hardware mold trading volume of 15 billion yuan in total

    Currently, Changan Town, a total of more than 1100 mechanical metal mold production enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households more than 6800 households, annual output value of the metal mold industry 188 billion yuan. Changan also gathered nearly 300 automotive metal mold manufacturing enterprises, automobile hardware mold industry scale agglomeration benefits previews, hardware mold industry cluster to around Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, the Pearl River Delta region of the automobile industry to undertake ability and the ability of radiation enhanced.

    Changan metal mold professional market developed, existing five mechanical metal mold professional market and a hardware accessories professional Street, with a total area of a total area of more than 50 million square meters, more than 2500 permanent businesses, total annual trade amounted to 150 billion yuan scale at the town level resides in the first place. With Jin Sheng, Xiangxin, Jie Rong, a large number of hardware mold enterprises, Xiangxin, Dongguan is the largest automobile mould and embryo production enterprises, with a number of national and provincial famous brand name enterprise, and won the "National Hardware mold industry well-known brand demonstration zone" honorary title in this year.

    Changan Town, the government will accelerate the Changan manufacturing industry especially electronic information and hardware mould features two large industry transformation and upgrading, and strive to within 3 years, the formation of the overall size of the larger, more complete industry chain, the degree of concentration higher, stronger innovation, quality and efficiency and better industry in the new situation, promote Changan characteristic industry strongly, from made in Changan to Changan wisdom made.

    Strive to 2017, the regulations on the metal mold production value of 22 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 12%. The new national and provincial famous brands of 11 enterprises, the brand name number reached more than 43. New national high and new technology enterprise 20, municipal engineering (Technology) research and development center 3, the town on the regulation of industrial enterprises in R & D expenditures accounted for GDP amounted to 3% more than the, the total output value of high-tech enterprises accounted for the town planning by more than 25% of the total output value of enterprises, to create a number of scientific and technological enterprises production, business incubators, technology services such as platform for scientific and technological innovation. Build the national mold product quality supervision and inspection center, mold characteristics of industrial colleges, so that the industrial public service platform is more perfect.