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    Mold software to lead the development of hardware and mold processing technology and market

    With the development of global economic integration and the increasingly fierce market competition, enterprise innovation ability has become an important part of the competitiveness of enterprises.

    Mold manufacturing means eighty of the last century mainly depends on the common mechanical processing equipment and rely on fitter skills to complete. Today, international model assist secretary-general Luo Baihui points out, CAD / CAM technology, NC machining technology in BCDM processing technology in the mould manufacturing has been widely used, the application level of CAD / CAM technology and numerical control technology become the measure of die of main content, gave birth to the new change of mould technology.

    The international advanced industrial countries have adopted the reliability design and the CAD/CAM technology in the chain and the mold production, develop new product fast, high precision, and the quality is guaranteed. Most of the new products with high wear resistance, high fatigue and high precision characteristics, structural form a miniature chain and a wide variety of conveying chain, cable chain, speed chain, in the material use wear-resisting, heat-resisting, plastic, oil powder metallurgy materials, to further improve the chain.

    In the process, the general specifications of the chain chain plate with a plurality of high speed blanking process, roller manufacturing by five yuan station cold extrusion machine, winding machine processing sleeve adopts the high speed precision and has the function of automatic detection; the application of new technology on shot peening, extrusion holes, surface hardening are common; heat treated parts by hot automatic production line, heat treatment quality by the detection and control of online detection equipment; heat treatment process tends to temperature, furnace pressure, gas component and quenching medium more comprehensive control parameters, parts quality is stable and reliable, technical performance is higher; in the assembly process is widely used in assembling, riveting, and detection pre pull, demolition section multifunctional automatic assembly line.

    Technological change has led to the expansion of the global market, according to Luo Baihui introduction, the Japanese mold manufacturing industry on the expansion in mainland China is the trend. Founded in February 1981 Japanese Gelaifeike Products Co., Ltd. in 2004 set up representative office in Shanghai, to enter the Chinese mold software market, efforts to in the mold enterprise of China provide technical support, and confidence in the Chinese market.

    CAMTOOL mold software widely used in automobile, plastic products and other industrial fields. In Japanese enterprises, as the Honda Corporation, Toyota Corporation and other involved in the automotive industry to provide applications. In the field of home appliances have Panasonic, Shenzhen, the production of digital camera shell OLYMPUS and Tianjin's Stanley company, Shanghai's small car lights, etc..