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    Patented technology more by the domestic hardware mold enterprise value

    A few days ago, China's mold enterprises more and more attention to the patent technology, there are more than 5200 patents for inventions, utility model patents more than 7200. 2012 total imports and exports of imports and exports of US $, an increase of 24.06%. Chinese imports amounted to $8.82%, an increase of; total exports of U.S. dollars, an increase of 37.96%. Mold has been exported to 188 countries and regions.

    Mold industry more than 80% of the enterprises for the national small and medium-sized enterprises, an important distribution in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian, Shandong, Hebei, Hunan,, Jiangxi, Hubei and other provinces. Mold products industry is an important part of the light industry in China, and the people living together. China's mold production value of nearly 2100 billion yuan, exports more than 138 billion yuan, but there are also mold enterprise management degree is low, innovation ability is not strong, labor production rate is not high "soft rib", which restricts the healthy development of the whole industry. In the face of increasingly fierce competition, if the domestic enterprises do not pay attention to this, will affect their long-term development, do a good job in the sale of work is also a top priority. In the global sales of tooling, majority is from China's production and export. China has become the world mold supplier. Mold industry in the development of the same time, some of the problems are also increasingly exposed. In particular the slow progress of reform of system of scientific research development, the gap with foreign countries is obvious, low product export, with low levels of performance, price is low, small-scale enterprises, set low, raw material price increases identity seriously restricted the mold industry further development and moral progress. Experts believe that mold enterprises must catch the new development situation, to increase scientific and technological innovation, and actively carry out product certification, to speed up the strength of enterprise technical reformation, perfect supporting measures, create a condition actively, absorbing foreign investment, promoting the restructuring of corporate assets, only such ability in the new situation in an invincible position, in order to improve the industry development.