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    Metal mold industry how to better development

    To promote the domestic hardware mold industry healthy and orderly, stable development, "1025" during China's mold industry should take a new road of industrialization with Chinese characteristics to industry to pay attention to the development of new keywords, and the implementation of specific measures to go, in order to promote the development of domestic mold industry better.

    It is reported that these measures mainly include:

    First, to expand the international market. In the market development, China's mold industry to seize the opportunity of industrial transfer of developed countries, seize the opportunity to actively and effectively expand the international market.

    Second, to the management to benefit. Domestic mold industry should actively guide enterprises to pay attention to management, improve management efficiency.

    Third, to implement the requirements of the revitalization plan. Domestic mold association to continue to strengthen communication with the Ministry of industry, Ministry of Finance and other national ministries and actively reflect the situation, to fight for the early implementation of the equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan on continuing to support the relevant policies of the development of die and mould industry.

    Fourth, to supplier solutions.

    Fifth, continue to expand the whole industry chain.

    Sixth, the joint highlight the "China's advantage", and constantly develop.

    Seventh, green and low carbon economy; to meet the development trend of increasingly urgent emission reduction requirements and automobile lightweight, in new product development can have for of development of high strength hot pressing plate forming mold, aluminum alloy mold, open field of vision to open up new business.

    Eighth, the international market integration. "12th Five-Year" period, to be based on meeting the needs of the huge domestic market, to improve the effective satisfaction. At the same time, we must vigorously explore the international market, through cooperation, both to explore the international market, but also to enhance their own management and technology.

    Ninth, enhance the core competitiveness. Mold enterprise development is the core of quality, which relates to the core technology and key personnel of the enterprise, but the scale can not be infinitely expanded.