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    The drawbacks of China's metal mold industry has become increasingly apparent

    At present, the hardware mold has a strong competitive. The biggest advantages and strengths lies in the private enterprise, but also in the traditional industries. To enter the high-end market, can not be separated from high and new technology. With the development of industry of domestic hardware mould, growing competition from the provinces, metal mold industry disorderly competition began to appear, the hardware cost is low, structure of product quality and technical content is not high malpractice also is shown increasingly.

    At present domestic private enterprises mold generally have advanced equipment and resources, more advanced application technology, new technology can in the industry wide application, rapid, from design to manufacturing to related materials production, heat treatment, forming the industrial chain, the advantages of integrated to highlight. However, the current hardware mold enterprises due to the lack of funds and lack of its own brand, the hardware mold enterprises will increase management and technical transformation investment, expand the proportion of high-end products, and the establishment of the domestic sector, actively expand the domestic market.

    To promote hardware mold industrial circular economy pilot, should be to reduce, reuse, resource as principle, focus on the reduction of resource consumption and waste emissions, vigorously implement the state preferential policies for comprehensive utilization of resources, waste batteries, waste electrical appliances, old furniture, reuse, bamboo processing residues, mine wastes, sewage treatment sludge and processing of stainless steel slag utilization of resources to carry out. Vigorously develop the industrial recycling economy to promote cleaner production, is an important embodiment of low carbon economy. Vigorously develop the industrial recycling economy to promote cleaner production, is an important embodiment of low carbon economy.

    Mold industry will from the past rely mainly on scale expansion and the increase in the number of the extensive development mode, to rely mainly on scientific and technological progress and improve the quality of product and the level of focus of lean type development model transformation, from the introduction digesting and absorbing international advanced technology development model to the introduction of digestion and absorption and improve the capability of independent innovation of both change in mode of development; the transition from skill type industry characteristics to is characteristic of the industry is dominated by technology and modern enterprise management type; vigorously promote innovation driven development, actively cultivate and develop new growth point. To vigorously develop modern manufacturing service industry, actively and steadily extension of the development of mold manufacturing as the core of the upstream and downstream industry chain, supporting mold industry cluster construction, attention and mold manufacturing industry to coordinate the reasonable layout, and gradually form a pattern of complementary advantages, the coordinated development of the industry.