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    Metal processing industry grew promote domestic mold growing market

    Die hardware market is an important part of China's hardware industry, the five-second period is the proper response of major changes in domestic and international environment for development, accelerate the achievement of a critical period of building a well-off society, but also the critical period of the healthy development of the mold manufacturing industry, domestic Although many uncertainties outside environment, but China's economic development is still in the period of rapid growth, China's mold comparative advantage in the international market still exist mold, mold domestic market is also expected to continue to be optimistic, showing the development of the mold industry trend.

    As more and more multinational companies to enter our country, our local hardware business advantage is being challenged. China's hardware stainless steel enterprises, especially growth companies must clearly must firmly grasp the strategic opportunity for development, the establishment of reasonable development goals for themselves. Not upstream, the only road to extinction. In the end is the pursuit of profit maximization or business to create value for customers or for the benefit of employees? These points are business goals, but it's basically if we are there to choose only one of the most important goal, then, is the value highest pursuit of business objectives.

    Precision molds will be higher. 10 years ago the accuracy, precision molds generally 5 microns, has now reached 2 to 3 microns, 1 micron precision die soon will be available. This requires super finishing. Mold industry will become increasingly large. This is due to the molding of parts increasingly large-scale and high production efficiency requirements and the development of a multi-cavity mold caused. Multifunctional composite die mold industry will be further developed. In addition to the new multi-functional composite mold Stamping parts, also responsible for layers, tapping, riveting and assembly tasks such as locking, the performance requirements of steel are also increasing.

    The Chinese die hardware companies how to move forward in the rain it? Not long ago, Chinese Vice Premier Wu Yi at the national work conference on circulation, improve the socialist market economic system in the process, is the rapid flow of the process, do not know how the circulation, do not know the socialist market economy, modern distribution is an important factor to improve the economic operation speed, quality and efficiency. Therefore, in order to ensure the continued prosperity and hardware manufacturing, accelerate the development of mold hardware industry, we must do the work of several aspects.

    Modern service industry must improve metal mold industry, the development of big business, the formation of large circulation, open circulation pattern, the establishment of efficient distribution platform, completely changed the flow of the current hardware platform of small, scattered, weak status quo; industry must do a good job during each session, by province hardware industry gathering, the formation of large cluster hardware industry, extend the industrial chain, forming a chain, complementary pattern of production, enhance the overall competitiveness of hardware industry; we must promote the hardware production technological innovation and brand-building business; it must accelerate trade integration and integration of trade and industry at home and abroad, and promote the transformation of economic structure adjustment and economic growth mode; must be to develop new markets, expand consumption as the main line, take advantage of e-commerce and network service platform to promote hardware market system and modern logistics system hardware, the hardware market monitoring system and hardware business credit system construction, metal industry modernization of circulation as quickly as possible; must improve communication and cooperation within the industry, sharing resources, the province of the hardware business should be clearly aware of the intricacies of the issues that arise in the development process, we have a collection of all the wisdom and strength, the use of collective resources, while avoiding disadvantages, strengthen cooperation, and promote the multi-directional communication within and outside the industry, a total of promoting prosperity, form an overall effect of the industry, actively respond to trade barriers that may arise on the international initiative to deal with challenges of the international market.

    Mold hardware business leaders in determining the direction of development of the enterprise, the leadership to seize the key, and a clear focus on enterprise work, not wasting energy on other insignificant little things, if one thing can not promote employee enthusiasm, but also to develop profitable business does not produce long-term or short-term role in promoting, then this thing is unnecessary, it can be ignored.